Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snowman and Snowflakes Nail Art

Christmas is coming and I prepared my nails for this festive day. I didn't made Santa but a cheerful snowman, top hat and carrot nose included. 

I used :

  • A light grey nail paint for base, you can choose any color according to your mood.
  • A white nail paint.
  • A blue nail paint.
  • Nail art brush.
  • A pink or orange nail paint.

How to make Snow man and snowflakes :

Step 1: Paint nails grey. Let dry.

Step 2: Using white paint to create the snowman's bodycreate 2 circles, one smaller on top and the other bigger. 
Step 3 : Make snow flakes on left nails.

Hope you like it. :)



  1. Wowww its soo neat vertu :D m luvng it ... <3 i hope to do justice wen i try :)

  2. Ahh you've done your snowflakes so well! I found it impossible, kept having to re-do mine! xx

  3. @PrettyEyeMakeup - Thanks a ton dear. :)

    @ Januarysublime - Thanks a million dear for liking it. :)

  4. Awww, I want this...I want this...SO cute n lovely:)

  5. @ Saru - thank you so much dear.

  6. Hey Vertu, thanks for dropping by!! A complaint, I am not sure why but I hardly get your blog updates on my dashboard. Second Your nail art made me wow. Just wanted your permission to post one if the images on my blog under Nail Art hub, of course with a link back? Here is the link to the hub.

  7. Hi dear! yeah, sure you can use my nail art pics for your nail art hub and thanks. :)
    And about your complaint, I met an accident :et when I was about to announce result of my giveaway after that I started posting but with few days gap. Now I'll be more frequent and active. :kitten :rainbow <3

  8. Vertu, you have got a nice beautiful blog, would read all previous post very soon! Keep up the good work :))


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