Monday, December 19, 2011

Lakme Color Crush Truewear Nail Paint Review & NOTD

Hello Beauties!
Got a set of 6 nail paints of Lakme Color CRUSH truewear. You can see the shades below I got. Isn't it Colorful?
Lakme Color Crush has funky vibrant range of colors. They don't have the name of any nail paint. Just a number on top.

Lakme Color Crush - No. 02, 60 or 09 (am confused), 03, 19 or 61 (again got confused), 05, 13.
Giving a number instead of name is very confusing. Even SA couldn't explain what number it is 60 or 09.
  8| Well Lakme should do something for this confusion.

What is it
 Drench your nails in funky color with this vibrant and vivid range that's destined to make your nails as bright as your day.

How it works
  • Fashion forward colors
  • Color-lock technology
  • Includes French manicure shades
  • Pick from 25 shades

Price - INR 125 /- for 9 ml.

This is how brush looks -
Brush quality is quite good.

 This is how the vibrant colors looks on me :)

 These 3 shades are shimmery. The pink one has very less shimmer in comparison to yellow and light blue.

 I have only 5 nails on one hand so this last color No. 02 is on little finger of other hand.

So here are the pros and cons -

Pros -

  • 25 shades to choose from.
  • Easily available.
  • Colors are vibrant and funky.
  • Staying power is 4-5 days without top coat. If you do house chores then you should apply it with top coat for the staying power of 5 days.
  • They also have manicure shades.
  • Smell of nail paint is not very strong, so you bear it.
  • I didn't check the time of drying but I think it dries up pretty quick.
  • It has shimmer and matte nail paints.
  • After drying the shimmer nail paints doesn't feel rough when I touched it, it felt smooth like other matte colors.

Cons -

  • Biggest drawback is numbering of nail paints. I got confused for two shades - 60 or 09 (pinkish white) and 19 or 61 (peach).
  • The price can look expensive as it's Lakme and for budget hands.
  • Nothing different when comes to looks, except the silver metallic color of brush handle.

Rating : 3.85 / 5

  \m/  I'll recommend it to you girls. They have nice and colorful shades to try out. :rainbow

   <3 Love,


  1. the shades r so vibrant ... instantly makes u happyyyyyyy

  2. wow! looks awesome! and you picked the puuurrrfect colors! I bought green and orange from this cllection :)

  3. @ Riddhi Jholapara - Yeah..they are so vibrant Riddhi and I love them. :) <3

    @ Deepika - Thanks dear. Green and orange...great choice.

  4. I like all except for yellow and yes they should name them...

  5. I love these nail polishes a lot!!! I have it in bubbly pink and a peach shade! its staying power is damn good! Loved your blog, joined you! :)

  6. Thanks for the review-will surely check out this range-I am loving the peachy one on your nails!!! :):) :)

  7. Hey Vertika, are they out in the market, yet? Didn't see them anywhere when I went shopping last weekend.

    Btw- nice new look of your blog, I like it! :)


  8. @ Saru - Yeah, they should name them. :/

    @ manya - Thank you so much Manya. :)

    @ Golden falcon - Sure. Thanks dear.

    @ Anusha Outfitter - Hi Anusha! yes they are in market. If you can't find it in local market then Check out them in malls.

    Thanks for liking new look of my blog. <3

  9. I am following you by name manya dear!! i havent used any profile pic! thanks 4 visiting my blog!

  10. pretty colours really like it.....<3

  11. @ makeup chic - Thanks. They are. :rainbow

  12. I am loving 19/61 and white is currently a NEED for me. I think I am gonna pick them tomorrow. what say!! <3

  13. @ Shoppingaholic - Nice choice. White is a must have. Get it gal. :tup

  14. The quality is absolutely horrible.... They don't even last for 2 days before fading. I'm rather disappointed.

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