Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nature's Essence Gold Bleach Review

I never tried Fem's new range bleach which has specified bleach according to skin color so thought of buying their Gold Bleach which is for special occasion but it was unavailable in the shop where I usually buy stuff. Then I saw Nature's essence Gold bleach there and as I heard so much about this brand thought of giving a try.

 What it Claims - Lightens hair to match skin color, and makes skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture with no irritation to the skin”.

Price : Rs 50 for 43 gm.

Ingredients - Cream : Hydrogen Pyroxide.
Activator : Golden dust, Ammonium Bicarbonate.

Pack contains - A cream, activator powder and a spatula.
Cream is white in color with thick consistency. Activator is light yellow in color with pungent smell.

Usage - Clean the face. Mix 2 spatulas of bleach cream & 2 pinches of activator powder together and stir for 2 mins till powder dissolves completely.

Note : Don't use soap at least for 6 hours after the bleach.

What I like about it - The first thing I noticed and liked a lot is No Burning Sensation. Usually when I apply any bleach on my face I couldn't open my eyes for few minutes because of it's strong smell which gives tears and kind of burning sensation. I utterly loving it. I couldn't believe that it doesn't feel a thing, now I can watch TV during these 15 minutes. It gives a glow to your face which lasts for app. 1 hour. It does lighten all the small black hairs. I think it's good for all types of skin. And best for sensitive skin.

"+" Points :

  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Bleaches/Lightens all the facial hairs.
  • Gives a glowing face for 1 hour.
  • No burning sensation.
  • No tears.
  • No allergic reaction.
  • Suits all skin types. Best for sensitive skin.

"-" Points  :

  • The glow lasts only for an hour. :(
  • Incomplete ingredients list.
  • Don't know they really have gold or not. Well that doesn't matters me as it gives best results in 50 /-

Rating : 4.75 / 5

Recommend it : Yes. But if you have better option then you should try it once.



  1. I had never tried bleaching my skin. What other products can I try out from this brand?
    I think would try bleaching someday

  2. have given very clearly description, i am totally in love. i gonna definetely try this

  3. @ Nivedita - You never tried've blessed with invisible facial hairs. :)

    Even I didn't try their most of products but you can try it's sun ban sunscreen, mint cleanser, it's lacto bleach is also good for tan.

  4. @ Kranthi - Thank you so much Kranthi. Do try it. :)

  5. @ vertika , well i did try this product 2 months ago. i got it from a near by store as it was priced for 50rs i was tempteted to buy . I applied the beach for 15 min only . it gave me a nice feeling i just loved it, the moment i tried it. my facial hair did get lighter .Iam planning to try other products of this company too .

  6. Even though you might find many article online advising to use more powder then cream, clasifel bleaching cream


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