Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy And Cute Polka Dot Nail Art

A simple design that is very cute and adorable. This design is really easy to perform just have to careful in making dots.
I didn't decide to paint each nail with different color. But when I posted Lakme Color Crush Nail paint's notd and review, I decided to do nail art on the same colorful nails from the earlier post.

What I use -

  • 5 Different Nail Paints. You can also choose single shade to color all your nails.
  • Dotting tool / Toothpick.
  • 2 Nails paints for making dots. I used pink and white (You can choose any two colors).
  • Top Coat.

Process -

1. Paint your nails with different shades. I choose blue, purple, yellow, peach and pinkish white.
2. Make pink dots in a particular pattern with the help of dotting tool or toothpick.

3. Now make white dots on few pink dots to get the complete look.

 4. Finally apply top coat to secure your work.

Hope you like it. <3



  1. These are soo cute!! Nice idea!! Would try this. May be I would be successful this time

  2. really nice the polka dots....<3

  3. @ Nivedita - Thanks a ton. And you would. DO share the pics with me. :)

    @ makeup Chic - Thank you so much sweety. <3

  4. Thanks for sharing this idea, Vertika, it's great. I like the pattern in which you did the dots, plus the white in the middle makes it look more complicated.

    I am going to try it.


  5. Love it! Really cute nail chose the colors nicely!

  6. Nice, even I like making dots on my nails but it is very time consuming:)

  7. awww..this is such a cute NOTD. bright colorful n simple :)

  8. @ Anusha - Do try it Anusha and Thank you sooo much. :)

    @ Indianmakeupways - Thanks dear. :)

    @ harshleen - Thanks a ton swts.

    @ Saru - Yeah! dotting is really easy n fun. yes a bit time consuming but I have plenty of time so no worries. :O :kitten

    @ Jyoti - Thank you jyoti. :) :)

  9. @ Aarthi - Thanks a lot dear. :i

  10. Hey!
    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blog award,

    check it out over here :

    Keep the good work going gurl! :)



  11. Thank you sooooo much Deepika. you made my day. <3

  12. like it? luv it...u've done the polka dots in a diff way... :)

  13. @ allaboutladies - Thanks a bunch sweety for loving it. <3

  14. Thank you soooo much Siri. :) <3

  15. So full of energy... liking the vibrant colors :)

  16. @ divya - Thanks a lot Divya. :) :k

  17. thats easy and cute :)

    My latest post -

  18. WOW! I wanna meet you right away and pester you to do my nails like this :(

    Cant stop staring at it :)


  19. @ Megha - Aww...thank you :) don't have to pester me.
    Come, I'll do it for you. <3


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