Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Makeup - Snow Angel

Winter is in and if you're getting ready for a big night out then you should start digging out that party dress from the back of the closet. But first, dress up your eyes by winter inspired eye makeup ideas. It's surprisingly simple to create by using some familiar steps. These steps require minimal products and just a couple of twists to turn you from looking pretty to gorgeous.
Look is Snow Angel.
A sheer application of pearly silver is best on fair skin tones, while a denser, more metallic hue flatters darker complexions. Other silvery finishes, such as frosty pink, icy blue, or pale violet, are equally arresting.

What to Use        

1. A lash curler. (Curler with soft cushion pads prevent lashes from snagging)
3. Elegant Pearl eye shadow.
4. Silver Shimmer.

How to do it -

1: This effect calls for a super-sheer texture that melts right onto your skin, so opt for a loose shimmer or a silky powder shadow.
With a shadow brush, bring the color from the lash line right to the crease. Don't take the color any farther, if you have hooded or mature lids. Ladies with deep-set eyes, however, can bring the color all the way up to the brow bone.

 2: Give lashes extra lift with a few pumps of an eyelash curler along the lash line. Or achieve the extra bend with curling mascara.
 3: Finally, top with several coats of black mascara, which perfectly balances this bright, icy look. 

Do you like it?


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