Monday, December 26, 2011

Dye Eyebrows Naturally

Eyebrow dyeing has become a very common cosmetic way to enhance feminine beauty and highlight the eyes. 
Wonderful, well-shaped eyebrows not only enhances face but also the eyes. It is more like giving a beautiful outline to your forehead. Many women like to experiment with new colors frequently. 
Don't wanna spend much on eyebrow dyeing done by a pro, follow these simple tips to dye your eyebrows at home naturally.

 Eyebrow Dyeing And Regrowing Naturally :

  1. Clean your face well, using a mild soap. Use a mild face scrub for your eyebrows to remove the dry skin that is clogging the hair roots. Coarsely grind the soaked almonds and mix a teaspoon of yogurt. Applying this natural scrub will successfully remove hair and nourish roots.
  2. Make sure your face is completely dry and pull your hair in a ponytail to prevent it from falling into your face.
  3. Take a baby toothbrush or eyebrow brush to remove the loose hair on skin.  Dip the brush in a mild soap solution and brush it gently. 
  4. Apply a moisturizer on the eyebrows to prevent the smudging of the hair color. 
  5. A branded mascara/ liquid eyeliner can be used as a temporary eyebrow dye. 
  6. Boil castor oil, henna and curry leaves in a metallic pan. The herbal mixture is preserved in a glass container and refrigerated. The liquid turns dark after days and applying it on eyebrows twice daily will make the brows naturally black and also support growth. 
  7.  Even black coffee decoction( brewed coffee ) is mixed with the henna powder. The natural hair colour can be applied to darken eyebrows. 
  8. Add a teaspoon of ghee to the oil lamp. Place a cylindrical metallic mesh around lamp and cover the mesh with a lid. The carbon that gets collected when the lamp is lit is herbal and chemical free. Collecting carbon black in a container and applying it on brows will be an effective eyebrow dye.

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  1. Nice tips..will sure try that castor oil,henna* curryleaf tip

  2. @ Siri - Thanks Siri. :)
    How you doing?

  3. nice post vertika...i used to use castor oil for my eyebrows..btw i gave u a blog award check it out..

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