Friday, January 20, 2012

Konad iloje Flobu Eye Shadow in White Pearl Review

Hello Butterflies!
Today I'm going to review Konad iloje Flobu eye shadow in white pearl. I really don't know how to pronounce the word 'iloje' (E-LO-J). :P
You can check out it's site here : and there you can also watch it's never seen commercial ad.
When I first saw this eye shadow on online shopping site. I noticed it's packaging and small butterfly impression on it after which I made my mind to buy it. 
Price : Rs. 130/- (I purchased it from

Special Features:
Eye shadow with colorful pearls for dazzling eyes
Long lasting, rich colors add 3D highlight to the eyes
Match different colors to create beautiful eyes! 
iloje Flobu Eye Shadow's silicon powder gives fine particles and a soft feel that enable moisturized and silky smooth application. 
Enhanced skin adhesiveness prevents the makeup from becoming pasty on the face.
Non-clumping, long-lasting color makes bright and beautiful eyes possible.
Furthermore, outstanding color and subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light to give fine, 3D eye makeup.
With iloje Flobu Eye Shadow, you can select the color of your choice and create a unique color palette. 
1)Apply an adequate amount to an eyebrow brush or the bottom of a finger and spread naturally over the skin.
2)Apply point color to the tip of a sponge and rub it on the back of the hand or tissue to control the color intensity.
3)Spread on the skin around the eyes to finish the makeup. 

Packaging : It comes in a plastic see through packaging.

On eye shadow there is an impression of beautiful butterfly.

On my eyes I'm wearing only white pearl eye shadow. This is a beautiful shade of pearl.

Shades : White, Soft gray, Dark gray, White pearl, Black, Romantic pink, Ultra Violet, Evergreen, Chocolate and  Pink pearl.

Pros :

  • Beautiful texture of eye shadow, it just melts on your eyelids.
  • Really Long-lasting.
  • Does not flake or fall. Even when I was applying it, it doesn't fall out.
  • No creasing.
  • Rich colors.
  • 10 shades to choose.
  • 3D eye makeup, its subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light.
  • (There is one more thing which I really liked, I mentioned it after cons).

Cons :

  • None. Yes, there is nothing. This product is available only online which can be the minus point, but I personally don't think that. :)

* When I first applied it gently on my eyes, it gives very light shade with pearly finish which was perfect for day look but when I applied more it becomes darker with more pearly effect which can definitely rock the night look.

Rating : 5/5

This is the first product I rated 5/5.
It's a great product, definitely recommend it to you girls. Do try it. 

And yes, it's also available in with discount (MRP: Rs 130 Price:Rs 117).



  1. sounds very interesting...cant wait to try out now..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. perfect !! :D packaging is similar to catrice e/s packaging :) me will checksss it my next splurge :D

  3. Looks like a good one...:) Thanks for the review...

  4. Lovw white eyeshadow!! I always use it!!

    Kisses Anne

  5. Sounds like a great product..Nice review Vertu ^_^

    The Sweet Life

  6. i wud luv to use it on my brow-bone. nice review

  7. @ Jay - Do try it Jay. it's really good. <3

    @ Riddhi - Yeah Riddhi. Too good for highlighting. :)

    @ Upasana - Thanks. Will check out the catrice e/s. :)

    @ Saru - Pleasure is mine saru. :)

    @ Ænne - Then you should try it. :)

    @ KrazzyKi - Thanks Ruhie. It's too good. <3 :)

    @ Va - Thank you dear. Sure try it. :)

  8. Looks really nice for the price. Since white is not my poison, I would try the other shades

  9. @ Few unnecessary stuff- yeah! do try it dear. :)

    @ Nivedita - Yeah inexpensive and good product. Sure try it's other shades. :)


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