Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ratan's Hairstyle while visiting Anupam's family

I watch Swayamvar Season 3 everyday, never missed any episode because I like gossip & drama a lot.
When I was watching Ratan Ka Rishta Episode 22, when she was visiting Anupam's family, I noticed her hairstyle which is looking simple but really nice too. I thought why don't I give it a try.

 So let's start-
1- Divide you hairs into two parts on center of your head. Most Indian women do this for applying sindoor.
2- Take hairs from on side of section near to your forehead & try to twist hairs inside with the help of your hands and pin up to hold your twist, as shown in the pic below.
3- Repeat the 2nd step for other side too.
 4- Now you have all your hairs at the back, start making fishtail braid, it's a bit different from the usual braid.
 5- For fishtail braid, divide hair into two equal sections. Take one small strand of hair from right side to the center and from left side take again a small strand of hair to the center, keep braiding to the length you want.
6- Secure it with any rubber band of same color of your hair.
Like it..huh?


  1. ratan............jst like shit...

  2. don't like ratan..but what do u think about the style i tried??

  3. the hair style looks lovely on ur hair!!! Ratan is doing a swayamwar??? OMG thats news!!!

  4. Thanks a ton Eve..
    yeah she is...& tomorrow she's getting married.

  5. sorry not tomorrow...on Sunday 3rd of July.

  6. hey ...this is fab ...and yur hair r so LUSH

  7. @anamika
    I'm glad you like it..Thank you sooo much Ana.


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