Monday, June 6, 2011

Gift By My Sweet Mom

Yesterday I visited my Mom's place with my hubby and watched a flick in pvr which I usually do. I love watching movies, if I get a chance then I'll watch each & every movie even Hollywood movies too.
But I know its not possible for me so I watched Ready (Dhinka Chika), it was a fine movie but its a one-time see movie for me.
When I came home after the movie my mom gave me KISS TOUCH 28 Eyeshadow pallet. I got really excited after seeing those beautiful beautiful colors. And without saying thanks I started using it on eyelids. But after applying I said thanks iski kya jarurat thi....hehehehe....

This is how it looks... 

Here are the swatches-- 

It was a gift so don't know the price.
When I applied it on my eyelids it was very shimmery and bright, but shimmers are very tiny so only bright color was visible. But after few hours I could only see the brightness,color was faded.
I'll definitely use it for parties..:) 


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