Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother's Milk - A Boon for a Baby

As i am talking about Mother's Milk though am not a mother but me and my hubby are planning for it.

I know most of the women know about the benefits of mother's milk but i don't know why few of my friends who are well educated and they know about the goodness of mother's milk, they don't feed their baby with their milk. They think breastfeeding is a boring work and cow's milk or other alternate milk is easier for them to give their baby.
Breast feeding
Here i am going to tell a few but strong points about Mother's Milk and also when you should give your milk to your cute baby -

  • Feed your baby with your milk within1 hour of his/her birth.
  • If your milk is not coming then you should give your baby Lactogen (Lactogen + 5-6 spoons of boiled water [water should be at normal temperature when its given to your baby]).
  • Breast milk is not only nutritious for the baby, but also helps protect him/her from almost all the infections by boosting the immunity level.
  • If the baby is premature then the baby should be kept in contact of mother's skin like Kangaroo put their newborn in the pouch.
  • Feed your baby 15-20 minutes each nursing.
  • For the first six months of a baby's life, no other food is better for his/her growth and development, other than mother's milk.
  • After breast feeding, put your baby on your shoulder and pat with your hand on his/her back slowly until he/she takes a burp.
  • You should feed your baby through one breast at a time. Thin milk in the starting helps to fulfill thirst and thick milk follows after thin milk which helps to fulfill starvation.

When you should give bath to your newborn...

  • You should give bath to your baby after three days from birth.
  • If he/she is premature or weight is less than normal, in this condition, you can give bath to your baby after a week.

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