Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party Look For Eyes

Today I tried a party look for eyes, as I had nothing in my mind so I just took my Eyeliner, Mascara & Eyeshadow pallet.
So let's start -
1) I have applied foundation on my eye lids. I know gals the rule of applying eyeliner but here I first applied eyeliner with wings, just for fun. But if you have applied eyeliner before eye shadow then you can apply eyeliner again on same to show the color & sharpness.

 2) Then I applied Highlighter on bone with yellowish silver eye shadow.
 3) Here I used purple color for inner corner & orangish gold eye shadow for outer corner.
without flash

with flash
 4) For lower lash line I tried blue eye shadow which is perfect for party look.
 5) Then I re-applied eyeliner in jet black, here I used Elle 18 color bomb eye liner.
winged eyeliner
 6)At last apply mascara in black, here I used Oriflame 500% volume mascara.

same pic in black & white.

Hope y'll like it.

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