Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My HG Hydrating Cream

After searching a lot from different sites, friends, and advertisements I finally got my HG Hydrating cream/ moisturizer for my oily skin. My skin behaves a little different as an oily skin if I don't apply any moisturizer my skin feels stretchy and dry but if I apply moisturizer it become super oily and after a while I definitely got zits.
So I wanted something which moisturize my skin without giving me any break out.
Recently I came across to a product which I wanted to give a try that was Fabindia Pomegranate Skin Hydrating Cream for Oily skin.
And now I'm in love with this pink cream, it didn't gave me any zit & my skin feels moisturized all day long so I am loving it.

I also bought a Tea Tree Toner from Fabindia which I'm going to review soon.
 But this cream don't come alone,it came with a pomegranate scrub which is nice too.
Price (Fabindia Pomegranate hydrating cream + Scrub) - 350/-
 This is Fabindia Pomegranate hydrating cream which is in pink color and the texture is smooth and light.

 It has fruity & yummy smell which makes me to eat it every time I open it.
 As you can see it absorbed on my hand and felt smooth and moisturized.

 And this scrub has smell like some chatpati candy and scrub is little harsh so one should use it with light hand.

 You can see maroon granules clearly.
Hope you like the review.
Have you used this pomegranate cream? What's your take?



  1. I love the vitamin E hydrating one..dats my HG !

  2. I heard a lot about vitamin E hydrating cream and now you told me, am definitely gonna buy this next time. ;;)


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