Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Season - Tips

Bounjour Ladies!
The season of wedding has started and for those who are getting married is getting a bit nervous for their day.So here are a few tips for this wedding season for brides or girls who wants to look best at function.

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To glow you skin -

  • Walnuts and flax seeds are a natural, wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids. Snack on these in between meals to get glowing skin. Dry fruits like almonds are also a great source of protein that is good for skin!
  • Carrots with carotenoids, tomatoes with lycopene, protein-rich sprouts all contain anti oxidants to keep the skin youthful. Include these in your salads to increase the health quotient of your diet!
  • Believe me! Drinking at least 10 glasses of water will help keep your skin well hydrated. Coconut water is also an effective hydrant that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It cleanses the system from within and this reflects on your skin. Drinking at least 2 glasses of coconut water during the wedding season cools the system after eating all the heavy wedding food.

Try to avoid:

  • No junk food, only homemade food.
  • No sweets. If can't control then take dark chocolate which has high anti-oxidants.

Look perfect on your wedding day (tips from my own experience)

  1. Use water proof makeup - Most brides cry at their weddings and it's natural. Even I thought that I'll not cry but it happened. So if you don't think you're the crying type, why take a chance? And when you go to the parlour for your bridal makeup, do ask and confirm that they are using water proof makeup.
  2. Use a long-lasting lipstick - This is very important because the oily food can take away your lipstick when you take dinner with your groom. Use a very good quality of long-lasting lipstick and re-apply it whenever you get time.
  3. Practice Your Makeup - If you're new to makeup and can't do your own makeup properly then you must start practicing to apply lipstick or other makeup perfectly on the first application. This practice of applying makeup is important because after wedding you'll be at your husband's home and there might be no one who can help you in doing your makeup. 
  4. Employ a "spot-checker" - Ask your mom and sister to keep eye on your makeup and let you know if you need a touch up.
  5. Do not use any new beauty product/cosmetic - Make sure you test out beauty products several times- you wouldn't want to find out the morning of your wedding that you're allergic!

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