Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Season - Eye Makeup

Hello Beauties!!
My 2nd anniversary is near that's why I did a wedding look.
Just wanna share a secret -
When I got married I noticed that my wedding pictures were not clearly showing my eye's shape and then I compared it to my reception's photographs where my eyes were popping and was looking very cute :). I noticed that the difference between applying eyeliner was different!
Note : If you're getting married soon then please make sure when your makeup artist define your eyes with eyeliner, it's thick!

Okay! Now comes the look...
You will need :-

  • Foundation
  • Compact/Loose powder.
  • Eye primer.
  • White glitter eye shadow.
  • Red Eye shadow. (You can choose any other color matching your wedding dress/Lehnga/Saree)
  • Golden-Bronze eye shadow.
  • Black or Brown eye shadow.
  • Liquid/Gel eyeliner.
  • Kajal. (for water line).
  • Black Mascara.

1) For face - Moisturizer -> Foundation -> Concealer -> Compact.
For eyes - Eye primer -> Concealer for dark circles -> Compact/Loose Powder.
Now apply white glitter eye shadow on whole eye lid to the brow bone.

2) Use your red eye shadow  starting from inner corner to the center of eye.

3) Add golden-bronze eye shadow from center to outer corner of eye in ">" shape.

4) A little black or brown eye shadow on outer corner and blend every color with each other as you can see in picture below.

5) Now take eyeliner and line upper lash line with winged style. Applying a thick eyeliner is really important to look great in pictures. I used Maybelline gel eyeliner here. I also lined my water line with maybelline gel eyeliner and secure it with black eye shadow.

6) Add loads of jet black mascara to complete the eye look.

This is the complete look with beautiful maang-tika and a stone bindi.

Do you Like it?



  1. You look really pretty!! And congratulations! :)

  2. @ Deepika - Thanks a ton Deepika. <3

  3. Congrats:) This does make your eyes stand out!!

  4. You made it so easily with such exceptional results! I have a couple of weddings to attend and would surely try out this look if I am wearing sarees of shades close to these.

    happy second anniversary!!

  5. @Nivedita - Thanks a bunch darling.
    You can choose any shade to do this look, just take any 2-3 colors of your dress.

  6. @ Saru - Thank you so much Saru. :)

  7. @ Henry : Thanks Henry J. I'm glad you liked my work.

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