Monday, November 28, 2011

Blouse Designs

Hello Big Girls!
Today I was maintaining wardrobe and arranging all my clothes in a decent way. Suddenly a thought comes in my mind after seeing my saree's blouse design, a thought to share these designs with you guys.
I do not wear sarees as much as I wear jeans-top or suit. All these blouse designs were specially stitched for my wedding.
So here are few of them --

My golden blouse with pink saree. You can see my pink saree on upper right corner.

This is my bronze-golden blouse with backless design.

This is my purple blouse. I don't know why this picture comes so different in my camera.

This is wine colored blouse.

A closer view of same blouse -

Looks simple but the design in blue is made by tailor on my request. :)

The design of this pink-blue blouse is very simple but believe me this design looks very sexy. ;)

Just wanna share pictures of my new saree with you butterflies. :)

Which one do you like the most?



  1. Wow!! All the designs and the fabrics are so pretty!! I can't decide which one I like the most!
    The wine one may be?

    It's so lovely!!

  2. @ Nivedita - Thanks a lot sweety. Wine one is really pretty. Good choice. :)


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