Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mehndi Tattoos

Hello Beauties!!
Today my brother forced me to make these tattoos on his hand. I was feeling better so made these tattoos on his both hands. A Dragon tattoo and Love written in Chinese. I used red mehndi which fades off completely in 10 days and gives dark red color in one or half an hour.

Color after removing mehndi --

Have you tried mehndi tattoo? What design you would like to have as mehndi tattoo?


  1. @ Rhea - Thanks a ton Rhea. :)

  2. that's a great idea :) I'll try a mehendi tattoo now,thanks !

  3. Amazing!!! The dragon design rocks!!!

  4. you're a good artist!!! the designs are very nice.


  5. This is awesome Vertika. I loved the second one a lot!

  6. So detailed! Simply amazing! :)

    Love your blog! Following you now! :)

  7. @thisandthatmomentsoflife - Pleasure is mine. :)
    Do try it. It's fun.

    @KrazzyKi - Thanks Ruhie. My bro loves dragon tattoo.

    @ Anusha - Thanks a ton Anusha.

    @Saru - Thanks Saru.

    @Sushee - Glad to know you like my work. Thanks a bunch for following me.


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