Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cleopatra Eye Makeup

Hello Beauties!!
Today I tried a very ancient eye look of Cleopatra. So here is a little information about Cleopatra -
Who was she : The last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was Queen of Nile. She was regarded as a great beauty even in the ancient world, used her charms to influence the most powerful men in the western world.
Her makeup : The queen of the Nile's ornate eye makeup made her a legend. Once she had her protective kohl, she might then decide to use red ochre on her lips or dab her wrist with perfume.

I was completely mesmerized by looking her eyes, so gorgeous. And decided to try this ancient eye look which is very famous.
So here is the look step-by-step :
1. Use a brush to apply white eye shadow on whole eyelid and above the crease to cover complete eye area.
 2. Now apply light blue eye shadow from inner corner of eye lid to the end of eyebrow as you can see in picture below.
 3. Take a liquid or gel liner to apply on waterline, lower lash line and upper lash line. Continue extending the eye liner out towards the temple following a curved shape.
 4. If you want you can fill this gap but I like this stretched triangle shape. Now fill in your eyebrows using an eye pencil to make them look thick. I couldn't make the eyebrows look naturally thick with eye pencil because my eye brows are very thin so you can easily see I used eye pencil to make it thick. But still it looks artificial. ;)
 5. Add two coats of mascara to open up eyes.
 Do you like this Cleopatra eye look?



  1. This is very playful, will try on Halloween...:)


  2. Nice take on the ancient beauty.

  3. Love it! great blog. Following:)

  4. @ Miss Mellie : Thanks a lot sweety for following me. :)

  5. @ Kranthi : Thanks dear. Sure and do let me know the result.

  6. love the way you ve lined ur eyes..pretty!!!

  7. @ sunaa : Thank you Sunaa..:)

  8. This is beautiful, you are so talented :)

    Xo Christine♥

  9. @ Christine - thanks a ton christine. <3

  10. You have really nice eye brows!!!

    I wanted to try this look for so long, now you inspired me to do it! :)


  11. @ Anusha - Thank you so much swts. Do try it, it's so much fun.

  12. hey was just passing through i llove your blog and loving the cleopatra makeup its very useful to me ...

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