Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cool & Cool Charcoal Nose strip

For a long time I was in search for a good nose strip. Then few days back I was roaming in Phoenix mall, after a while i entered NewU shop and I asked for a charcoal nose strip as I had heard so much about charcoal and its effectiveness.
So the SA gave me Cool & Cool charcoal nose strip and I asked her how many strips are there in the pack she said three so I bought it home.

But when I actually analysed the pack I saw it was written 1 strip pack so I got heart attack as the price of this 1 strip was 59 /-.

Damn expensive.

Then I apply it on my nose as directed-
First I wash my face with Pond's Facial foaming face wash you can use any face wash you use.
After that I just wet my nose with water so that nose strip can easily be applied.

I removed it after 20 mins and it was visible that so many blackheads were there on strip.
So I was quite happy that it worked but I couldn't see any big difference...may be because I have so many blackheads.
Its worth a try.


Four-Leaf Nail Art

Hello Ladies!
Today I was sitting in my room with no work so my devil mind force me to do a new nail art as I had nothing in my mind I just took any two or three nail paints and just started with my imagination. This is what I did with my nails----

First I just painted my nails with red hot color which is my hubby's fav. color on me.

Then I put four drops of green color and join them with the orange stick which become a nice four -leaf which is also known as lucky leaf.

I hope you like it.

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