Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oriflame Pure Color Nail Polish Intense Pink

As you all know that I got Oriflame pure color nail polish during my oriflame haul. The shade I got is intense pink. I must say the color is really intense and I love this shade of pink.

Catalogue says - Glossy, high shine nail polish in a huge range of exciting shades. Gorgeous finish, fantastic colours – and what’s more, it’s unbelievable value.

Price - 149/- for 8ml. Discounted price - 129/-

Have a look at it's fat and fluffy brush. As you can see that brush takes a lot of color at a time. So here is the tip when you apply the nail paint from this brush use a light hand.

15 shades available which comprise of Baby Pink, Clover Haze, Nude Pink, Intense Pink, Purple Pink, Pearly Purple, Dark Purple, Burgundy, Coral Red, True Red, Passion Red, Dark Brown, Pearly beige, Natural bronze, and Light silver.
All the information written on bottom of nail paint.

This is the single coat of intense pink, so I didn't apply the next coat because the first coat was sufficient to show color -

Pros -
  • Amazing bright shades.
  • Staying power is 6-7 days.
  • Dries within 2-3 mins.
  • Quality is really good.
  • It has glossy finish.

Cons -
  • I'm not saying that brush is not good but somehow I feel it's too fluffy than normal.

Rating - 4.5/5

I'll recommend it to you girls. Coral red and nude pink is on my shopping list. :)


Monday, January 30, 2012

Retro Look Of Nails : Glam Nail Art

Finally I sacrificed my long nails. That was a really sad moment. But now I'm fine. :P
After doing this nail art, I really felt bad for not buying a complete set of nail art brushes. Just because if I had it today I could do much better than this.
I want to share one more thing, today I'm very happy (reason would be shared after few days) so I'm soon gonna host a giveaway. :)
Okay let's start with this retro nail art --

First, I'll do psyche pattern on nails, which is requested by Cherry Lane (a fellow blogger friend). She named it psychedelic pattern. :)
This is very simple and I invented it. So start with two nail paints, here I used white and intense pink nail paint.
First coat of white nail paint on all nails.

Then after few minutes, place a drop of pink nail paint on bed of nail as shown in picture below.

Then take white nail paint and brush the white color on pink color. The brush will make the psyche design. You don't have to do much. Isn't simple?

Now outline the nails with black nail paint. And on ring finger use some golden and silver glitters.
Use three yellow stone on ring finger in a vertical line to complete the retro look.

Did you like this retro look??


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fiery Nails : Nail Art

Yesterday I visited KFC, where I tried fiery grilled chicken. It was nice but my hubby didn't like it much.
So today I thought I should make fire on nails. I mean fiery nails.
So here is the first look -

Yes it's my faces bronze nail paint. I don't waste my nail paint. :P So make the design on the same.

> First, I tried to make fire on thumb nail with needle but it didn't came out right, so I used free hand nail art with my nail art brush to make design on other nails.
It's really strange that I've only one nail art brush. I don't even have nail art tools like dotting tools and other nail art brushes.

With yellow and red nail paint I made fire and used some silver glitters to complete the look.

I'll try much better design for fire next time. Hope you like it.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Faces Nail Enamel Bronze 12 Review & NOTD

I love nail paints. And my dream is to get nail paints of every brand in all colors. I know this dream is not going to be true but I still wait for that day. :)

This is the first time I purchased nail enamels from Faces Cosmetics. I got these two little beauties from StyleCraze. I was looking something new to try first I thought of Orly but then my final decision was Faces.
Ofcourse! They were on discount, so picked Bronze 12 and Sparkles 13.

Description of Faces Nail Enamel - 
> Faces Nail Enamel is a long lasting and chip resistant nail polish.
 It comes in a high shine finish formula that applies smoothly and lasts longer.

 Trendy colors brighten up your mood and keep up with the fashion mania.

 Flat brush delivers shiny smooth color for a streak free professional finish.

Price : Rs. 99/-  for 7ml but I got it in Rs. 84/-

Available Shades:

> Alomic Orange> All That Glitters> Bronze> Black Beauty> Forest Green> Go Green> Get Mauveing> Green Surprise> Pink Flamenco> Pearl Maya> Precious Peach> Purple Rain> Persimmon> Pearl Yellow> Sparkles> Shanghai Shimmer> Teal> Ultramarine> White o  White

On first coat it looks like this -->

With second coat it gives the exact color of bronze.

Pros :

  • The tiny bottle is cute and sturdy.
  • Brush quality is good.
  • Can be easily carried anywhere, handy.
  • Two coats dries completely within 5-10 minutes (I'm talking here both hands).
  • Available in a variety of bright and shimmery shades.
  • Staying power is good (for 5 days).

Cons :

  • None.

It's a good nail paint to try out and after discount it was a must buy for me.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

I will try its other bright shades too. Atomic orange and Precious peach is on my next list. :)


Valentine's Day National Giveaway By Beauty At Times Is Skin Deep

Nivedita of Beauty at times is skin deep is hosting Valentine's Day National Giveaway with StyleCraze.com
Isn't Awesome.

There would be two winners!!
The first winner gets

  1. NYX blush in Angel
  2. Faces Cosmetics Moisture Rich Lipstick in First Lady
  3. Bourjois contour and clubbing waterproof pencil color Blue remix
The second winner gets

  1. Faces Go Chic lipstick in Mulberry Slush
  2. Boujois New Khol and Contour eye liner  Blue graphique

The giveaway opens now January 19 and ends exactly on February 10th so that the winners can receive the goodies hopefully on 14th Feb 

DO enter Here to participate in this Valentine's Day Giveaway.

Giveaway By Sweet & Bitter Blog

Sweet & Bitter Blog is hosting a giveaway. It's her first giveaway.
Product she is giving away is - 16 Makeup brushes made with goat hair in a Protective Roll-up Holder Bag

Isn't fantastic.

Last day to Enter the blog is on 15th Mar '12, 11:59 GMT. Winner will be declared on 17th Mar '12.

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Giveaway By Circular Insanity

Circular Insanity (A Shopaholic 's Guide to Shoes, Beauty,Books and Reviews!) is hosting a giveaway  to celebrate 250 followers of my blog, I am giving away an Asos & Anatomicals  Refreshes the Parts Kits.
One winner will receive the whole kit. The giveaway is internationally open!

The Giveaway will end on 8th March 2012 i.e. on Women's Day.
Looks exciting na, so Click HERE to Enter.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Shopping Experience With StyleCraze.com

Hello Beauties!
I'm so excited and happy as I received my package from StyleCraze on 24th Jan and I also won the Divassence giveaway. Isn't fantastic.
Sorry for posting this so late. I was busy for few days.
So here is my haul -
You can see how it reached me in the picture below. A cardboard box securely wrapped with vacuumed transparent sheet. 

Beneath the pink paper is my address.
When I opened it I found my bill and each product wrapped with bubble wrap.

Here is the list and the picture of what I got -

Sr NoProduct NameSKUUnit price(in Rs. )QuantityTotal Cost(in Rs. )
1Elle18 Eye Sparklers(colour=Silver Spark)M1E1_0001477177
2Faces Nail Enamel (7ml)(7ml))M1N1_0020190190
3Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover (30wipes)M1N2_030364164
4Faces Nail Enamel (7ml)(7ml))M1N1_0020190190
5Sally Hansen Polish Remover - Strengthening Formula (236ml)M1N2_03022761276
6NYX Round Lip Gloss Ballerina PinkM1G1_02301581158
7Faces Go Chic Lipstick(colour=F Mulberry Slush)M1L2_0030178.881178.88
8Faces Sparkle Dust Stackables - Frolic 256M1C2_002054941494
Total Tax:Rs. 0.00
Shipping Cost:Rs. 0.00
Total Amount:Rs. 1,427.88
Amount Paid:Rs. 1,427.88

And Yes I didn't order the Acnes face wash sachet. It was free with my purchase. But I think they should give me more samples of other products too. I know am acting so greedy. :P Just a thought.

By the way, I'm so happy that they shipped here because for 15 days I was here to visit my in-laws, they live in small city where usually online shopping sites do not ship. As shopping makes me happy. 
So I mailed StyleCraze and request them to ship here and they agreed. 
Sangram from StyleCraze replied to my mail nicely and assure me that he will ship here through VPP and my package will reach me in one week. Then, I opened their site and signed up. And I started adding products of my choice and checkout with COD option.  And I got my package in 11 days, they took more 2-3 days because of public holidays came between the process. But I'm thankful to them for shipping here.

Finding products in stylecraze.com is damn easy and I also found products which I don't find in my city  like NYX, Sally hansen, Hiphop, etc.
But I also purchased products which I can easily find in my city like Faces, Lakme, etc. just because they were in great discounted price.

They have discount on almost all the products. And they are having 25% sale on NYX products. So tempting na. That's why I got NYX lip gloss.

Let's see its pros and cons :

Pros -

  • Free Shipping on minimal purchase of Rs. 250/-.
  • Brands are 100% authentic. I've seen and experienced it.
  • COD option.
  • Discount on almost every product.
  • They've return policy within 7 days.
  • Shipping within 3 business days. My case was different.
  • They ship to small cities too.
  • They call to confirm your order within 1 minute after you checkout.
  • They also mail to inform about the status of shipping process.

Cons - 
  • None. I didn't experience any problem with the site.

Shopping experience with stylecraze was great. I'll shop and take advantage of their sale again. :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simple Toe Nail Art With Black Flowers

Hello Girls!
Check out my guest post of simple toe nail art with black flowers on WiseShe

Monday, January 23, 2012

Black Cat Toe Nail Art

Hey Everyone!
Applying nail paint on nails certainly beautify our nails but making even a simple nail art on it can take you to the next level which make others to look at your beautiful nails and also praise your talent.

Of course, you all know that but we usually make nail art on hands and forget about our toe nails.
If you’ve time then try this simple nail art which draw attention to your beautiful sandal and also your toe nails.
This is my second toe nail art which is again quite simple.

Here we go -

I used –
  • Black nail paint.
  • Purple and white nail paint.
  • Nail Art Brush.
  • Top Coat and Base Coat.

  1. First, apply base coat on all toe nails.
  2. Then use purple and white nail paint to get the design you're looking in below pic.

3. Then make a black cat on First toe nail and design of paws on other toe nails.

4. Secure it with top coat. J

A closer look to the cat. I hope it's looking like a cat not a dog. :P

Hope you like it.


Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base & Top Coat Review

Hello Big Girls!
In my recent Oriflame haul I got Oriflame crystal base & top coat which I'm gonna review today.

This is how it looks - White cap and square-shaped transparent body.

Price - Rs. 149/- for 7 ml. but I got this in Rs. 119/- (Discount)

Have a look at its brush - Bristles are soft and brush is flat, perfect for smooth and better application.

What I like :

  • It looks classy.
  • Bristles are soft.
  • Brush is flat. (Just love this quality).
  • Stays for a week.
  • Nourishes and strengthens.
  • Quality of base & top coat is very good and light.
  • Dries faster.
  • Doesn't chip or peel.

What I don't like :

  • None. Could not find any con.

Rating : 4.8 / 5

I deducted 0.2 points without any reason. :P It's nearly perfect.

Recommend : Yes! It's a must have products for everyone and nail art lovers will love it.


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