Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Diwali Look in 15 Minutes

Hello Beauties and Happy Dhanteras !!!!
I've shopped a silver coin and a fat silver anklets / payal for dhanteras and I always feel happy when I shop. So I'm Happy :D
This is my brand new Oriflame Make That Change Palette which has lovely matte and glitter eyeshadows, blushes and glitter and matte lipsticks/lippies. You can say this is my new love. <3
Okay! let's get to the point, Diwali is near and we all are very excited. We usually get ready for Diwali puja in the evening but sometimes we need to get ready quickly for any reason you can come up with. So here are some quick tips and an eye look idea for Diwali.


 1) Start off by washing your face with good face wash.
Next take a pinch of a light-base face moisturizer and spread it evenly on all parts of your face.
After soaking in the moisturizer, it’s time for strutting that flawless complexion with the Foundation.
Follow it up with the compact powder, until the shiny patches of your skin are toned down.

Now comes the eye makeup - Apply eye primer or foundation to hide those dark circles which is given by your laptop/computer.

6) Now apply a light creamy shimmer eye shadow on whole eyelid.
7) Use golden and earthy brown eye shadow on eyelid and on crease respectively.
8) Now apply gel or liquid eyeliner on upper lash line with a wing. You can also make cat eyeliner. I've used Maybelline gel eye liner here.

9) Apply blue eye pencil on waterline and lower lash line. Use golden eye shadow on lower lash line below the blue liner. Do not forget to add two coats of mascara to plump up those beautiful lashes and give them some volume!

For blush -
Dab a good amount of the Blush to give your apple cheeks that much needed glow.

For Lips -

Finally highlight your luscious lips with any pink, brown or red shades, and then outline your lips with the same color of lip liner.
Finish the look by dabbing a dash of nude Lip Gloss.

Hope this will help you to get ready in few minutes.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and may your life get filled with lightness and brightness of Dipawali.

Friday, October 21, 2011

“Love Your Hair and it Loves You Back”

I'm the person who loves experimenting especially with hairs. I started experiments with my hair when I was 16. Till today's date I've done Hair Streaking, Hair coloring, Rebounding or Straightening, Permanent Curling or perming. I couldn't control myself doing all these things. The word "experiment with insanity" suits me completely. 
After then I started facing a big problem of hair falling and my hairs become dry/brittle/frizzy. Making them soft and healthy again is a daunting task for me. I've used number of products for my hairs to combat these problems but nothing happened till I got New Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range. :)
New Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range With Vita oils

I got all 4 of them (Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum) and start using it as it was directed to use.

Here is a brief story about Dove MSCS (Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum) -

Dove Repair Mask - It's a light yellow mask with pleasant smell. You'll love it when you apply it. I applied a handful quantity which spreads easily on my hairs. It makes my hair extremely soft.
Dove Shampoo - A light yellow shampoo which gives enough foam in a little quantity which cleanses hair completely and washed out each and every dirt particle from your hairs.
Dove Conditioner - I just LOVE it. When I squeeze the tube it comes out in star shape with two colors white and gold. I swear by this product. No Tangling, No Dryness, only smooth and shiny hairs.
Dove Serum - Serum is good for all day happy to go hair either you go for whole day window shopping or for 9 to 5 office.

Seeing Is Believing -
I started seeing the magic from the very first wash. I was amazed by looking at my hair, they were soft and I can see the shininess too. And what I've seen in ad that hair fall comes 100 to 2, that was true when usually I wash my hairs number of hairs fall down during wash but I noticed that only 1 hair falls during wash which was incredible.
I was delighted and couldn't believe it. But my eyes were seeing this magic so seeing is believing.

It's far better than a saloon selling hair product and also inexpensive. Anyone can get in budget. It leaves your hair so moisturized and soft.

After few days I visited my In-Law's place and my mother-in-law asked me what I'm using for my hairs they are shining. I told her the truth, Yes! I told her Dove.
This is the end of my search for my HG hair care products.

These are few pics I've taken to show you how Dove happened to my hair -

After using Dove for 2 days

My hair brush - You can see before every time I brush my hair, number of hairs fall down and it also happens because of tangling of hairs.
 Now you can see the difference -

Now my hairs don't fight with my comb, they are living with each other happily. :)

I definitely recommend it to those with treated hair or damaged hair and to those who wants to give a complete care to their hairs in budget.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nicole Richie's Elegant Updo

Hello Butterflies!!
It has been a while that I didn't post any hairstyle. Today I did this Nicole Richie's inspired elegant updo.
Nicole Richie's elegant updo can be duplicated by using a little patience, hairspray, and a handful of bobby pins. For the uninitiated, this may work better as a two-person job, but with a little practice it might just become your go-to hairstyle.
I tried this alone. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zebra Print Eye look

More recently. I've been appreciating the imagination, technique, artistry and patience that is used to create animal eye makeup designs. No one can wear this style on a regular day, they are perfect for those special occasions when you get dressed up like Halloween or some fancy dress competition.  This eye look is very bold and outrageous. 

I'm using a few products such as white eye shadow and gel or liquid black liner for creating this look.
Let's begin -
  • Apply a white glitter eye shadow as base on whole eyelid. You can also use matte eye shadow. 

  • Use a gel or liquid eye liner to apply thick eye liner on upper lash line and make a long-winged style to the end of eyebrow. Also use eyeliner to line your lower lash line and apply kajal or gel liner on waterline.

  • Then make the zebra print design on highlighting area with the help of eyeliner brush.
  • Shape up the eyebrow and make it thick with eyebrow pencil.
  • Add loads of mascara & You're done.

This would look amazing with hot pink lipstick. :)

What do you think ? Yay or Nay ?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Experiment With Red Mehndi

Aloha Galz!!
Today I'm gonna show you what dark red chemical-ed mehndi can do.
Yes! I did this experiment on my hand. I thought what could happen for applying it only for one time and on back of my palm where usually normal mehndi do not give much color as compared to the color on palm.
This is the cone which I got in Rs. 10/-
It has no company name written on cone.
Here's the story begins -
I started making design on back of my hand as you can see in picture below. And yes if you like than you can also see the patterns of design.
After few minutes of applying I started feeling some sensation on my hand. I don't know what it was but it was tolerable. You can also see the orange color bleeding from mehndi on my hand.
This is the example of lacking of alertness with this cone -
You've to be alert while making the design because if by mistake you have drawn something else or a zig zag line, it will instantly start showing the color on your hand. You can see clearly a light red line in picture below. I draw this line mistakenly and remove it within 5 seconds but the color was there and I couldn't remove it.
One more thing which is very interesting with this red mehndi -
You don't need to apply lemon sugar mixture on mehndi because when it starts drying it removes like peel-off. Yes, you can see the peel-off dried mehndi in below picture.
And here comes the color -
It gives very dark red color, perfect for any festive occasion or any other function you prefer to apply this red mehndi. And yes it's also good for making tattoos. I'll make few tattoos and show you soon.

But the color starts fading off from 4th day and completely vanished after 10 days.

Have you tried this kind of chemical mehndi before? How was your experience?

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway!! (Closed)

Whoo hoo! I finally hit 100 followers. I honestly want to thank every single person of my followers from the bottom of my heart. I would consider each and every one of you a friend. Hope you all enjoy reading my blog and please feel free to give any suggestion or question through comment/email. So now is the time for giveaway. :)

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 Chinese Hair Stick in light blue color with floral design.
Length - 18 cm.

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Length - 16 cm with black string.

Stainless Steel Glitter Ring with criss cross design.

Glitter Ring
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arabic Dancer Eye Look

Aloha Girlz!!
Today I've found few pictures of Arabic Makeup while surfing Google. I had a lot of fun making this look. 
The following steps will help you create a stunning Arabic Dancer inspired eye look.

You'll need -

  • Black eye shadow.
  • Black liquid or gel eye liner.
  • Blue eye shadow.
  • Purple & Pink eye shadow.
  • Black mascara.
  • Highlighter.
  • Bindi for forehead decoration (optional).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple Nail Art For Diwali

Hello Girls!
Diwali is near and we all are getting ready for this festival by decorating house, cleaning, shopping gifts and we have also decided which makeup and dress we'll wear but if you want to add on more on your list then do give ten minutes for this very simple nail art to beautify and give festive look to your nails.
This nail art is very easy and you can do it any time, no extra talent needed. :)

So as you can see I only used two nail paints and one toothpick to make it.

Start with by picking any two nail paints of your choice or you can choose two colors matching your ethnic dress(suit or saree). Here I used bright red nail paint and glitter blue nail paint.
  • Put a drop of red nail paint on a paper and with the help of toothpick make small dots on nails diagonally. Fill one side of nails with dots as shown in picture below.

  •  If you want you can match your toe nails too with the same nail art. I only make red dots on nail tips. You can also fill toe nails like finger nails.

  •  Now take a drop of glittered blue nail paint and make dots on left space of nails.

  •  Do not forget to apply top coat to secure your work. By doing this your nail art would not chip off for 4-5 days.

Do you like it ?
What two colors you use if you try this nail art ?


Giveaway By The Trace Face Philes

The Trace Face Philes has recently announced 1800 followers giveaway and the winner will get Entire OPI Muppets Collection!
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Discovering Qvendo

I'm very excited to tell you guys that Qvendo, The luxury private shopping club is having a contest. It's an online shopping site of very classy and luxury products for both men and women.
I am an active member of IndiBlogger where I find the contest Discover Qvendo. For this you have to browse through the catalogue and list what would you buy for Rs 50,000 and why? Then blog about it and submit here.
When I opened this online shopping site, the first thing I noticed that the looks which was black (like black denim) and classy. All of their products are 100% insured against loss/damage, from door to door. They have designer styles like Paul & Joe, Faith, Liu Jo, Marlene Birger, Armani, Polo RL, Jetlag.
So I started looking each and everything to decide what would I buy if I get 50,000/-, but everything is so lovely and if I get chance I'll buy all the stuff they have. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Vega Large Wooden Paddle/Cushion Hair Brush Review

Hello Butterflies!!
I heard so much about boar bristles hair brush and searched a lot in my city but no clue. Also thought of TBS hair brush but my final purchase was Vega Large Wooden Paddle/Cushion Hair Brush and I am really happy with my purchase, so here is the review :

It says : VEGA large wooden paddle brush with round tipped wooden bristles, easily penetrate the hair & stimulate, massage the scalp. It's wooden bristles massage & distribute precious oils from the root of the hair to its ends for the maintenance of the healthy & beautiful hair.

This is how it looks - 

Makeup Tip : Long lasting Eyeliner

Hello Galz!

Thank You Giveaway By Jenny

Cute Jenny of With Love, Jen is doing a little appreciation giveaway. She's a huge fan of Hello kitty so it's quite obvious that the giveaway includes hello kitty stuff too. :)
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Colorful Criss Cross Nail Art

Hello Butterflies!!
Today I'm going to go through the steps of a colorful criss cross nail art which is a bit difficult. 
You can take any four colors you want, so the possibilities are endless!
You'll need -
  • White nail paint.
  • Blue nail paint.
  • Pink nail paint.
  • Green nail paint.
  • Nail art brush.
  • Top coat.

1. For the first step, just paint your nails the color you want as the base. I used two coats konad white nail paint as base.

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