Sunday, February 5, 2012

Purple Pink Flower Nail Art

I'm here again with another nail art. This time on long nails. No I don't have any magical oil or cream which grows nails long in one day. Actually these are my fake nails, which is a bit broader towards tip.

So Let's begin -
We need pearly white, purple and black nail paint. Few stones too, which is optional.

  • Start with painting your nail or fake nails with pearly white nail paint.

  • Now make flowers with purple nail paint and dab some pink loose color on flowers, it's little visible in the picture below.

  • Now outline the flowers with white nail paint and place a dot of black color on center of flower.

  •  Make some swirls and dots with black color.

  • Place stars on nails. I also drag black color of center within the flower. Then place a dot of white on center.

 Then I remove it from my nails. And it's on sale now. Just kidding. :P

Did you like it??



  1. I love this!!! I sent you a tweet but I have to tell you that you are soooooooooo good!!! You've got such unique designs, so creative using all different colours and combinations!! I wish you could do my nails one day!! You know what I really like with this post too...I didnt know what the final result was going to be until the final shot so I was looking at each pic carefully to see what u did but then the final result hit me with something which was actually waaaay better than I thought! lol

  2. @Cherry Lane
    Thank you so much dear for loving it. You really observed every detail. Thanks again. <3 <3 <3

  3. Pretty nailart,so professional!
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog,hope you participate :)here->Giveaway time!!

  4. i am seriously so impressed. you're so talented at the nail art!

    i'm your new follower, by the way. stop by sometime and follow back if you feel like it! xx

  5. really nice, your nails look gorgeous!! thanks for stopping by and giving such sweet comments on m blog :)) how about following thru GFC? :)) we can follow each other cheers :))

  6. lovely...1 sec I thought its ur own nails :P then after reading i came to know its fake...hehe...anyways nice work girl..n hey i like ur finger ring...its so gorgeous.

  7. pretty and am a beauty blogget too check out my blog


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